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Whether you are at the final stages of purchasing a Spanish property, or whether you are just starting your research, we know one thing for sure - you probably have lots of questions!

Wouldn't it be great to have a panel of five of the leading figures in the Spanish property market...all in the one place....and all ready to answer your questions?

Your Key to Spain has assembled a panel of leading experts in the fields of Law, Accountancy, Tax, Mortgages, Foreign Exchange and Real Estate to provide you with an invaluable online resource.

You may want some general advice, such as an explanation of the legal process of buying a new property in Spain or how you should transfer funds to pay for a Spanish property. You may have a more specific request, such as wanting advice about buying in selected areas of Spain or how to set up tax efficient purchase structures.

Whatever your question, our panel of experts are here with the answers! If you can't spot the question that you would like to ask in the existing list, simply drop us a line....if our panel can help, the answer will appear on the site.

Let's introduce the experts!

John Stanbridge

Our Accountant

John Stanbridge

CEO, KSi Costa Consulting Group

Accounting in Spain is dramatically different to that in the UK and it is imperative to seek expert advice. John is on hand to guide you through the complexities of the Spanish tax system and to offer a range of purchase options.
Steve Keys

Our Mortgage Advisor

Steve Keys

IMS (International Mortgage Solutions)

Steve appreciates the difficulties that can arise in raising finance to purchase your home in Spain. By providing jargon-free advice and offering a range of product options to suit most purchasers, Steve can help you though the process of obtaining your mortgage in Spain.
Martin Turner

Our Real Estate Consultant

Martin Turner

With so much information, a whirlwind of overseas property exhibitions and a sea of advertisements, it can often be difficult to know which way to turn and who to listen to. Martin offers real-world experience and no-nonsense advice in guiding prospective purchasers of Spanish property.
Dalila Rodriguez

Our Lawyer

Dalila Rodriguez

KSi Costa Consulting Group

Our 'legal eagle' in Spain, Dalila is here to make sure that our hearts do not rule our heads. Adept at ensuring that clients embark on a risk-free purchase, Dalila tells it how it is - simple, impartial advice on all matters legal, from bank guarantees to making a Spanish will.
Jon Cawdell

Our Foreign Exchange Specialist

Jon Cawdell

Moneycorp TTT

You may not have considered that you could make significant savings on the purchase of your Spanish property, simply by using the services of a specialist Foreign Exchange broker like Moneycorp. Jon explains how to set up an account and offers the best tips for securing a great rate.
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