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Which lender?

To determine the best lender and product for you, you will need to assess the various products and options available.

Obviously, the rate of interest on offer is critical as this will determine the repayments that you make. Banks have different interest rates for different products, so you will need to keep this in mind. These interest rates will normally be reviewed annually, although some will be reviewed on a 6 monthly or monthly basis.

Also, some banks may be prepared to lend you more money than others, i.e. they will have different lending criteria based upon your finances and affordability factor.

Banks will offer different payment terms for each product, so if you are seeking a long term (i.e. 30 years as opposed to the standard 15-25 years), this will restrict your options and you may only have a choice of a limited number of lenders and products.

And finally, you may want to pay off your mortgage quite quickly, and therefore without penalty. Again, products exist to cater for this requirement.
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