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Lying 70 km North of Barcelona, Blanes is known as a harbour with three distinct characteristics: commercial, fishing and sports. Because it is located on the bay formed by the Rock of Santa Palomera and Santa Ana Point, ithe town is right behind the commercial port, fishing harbour and the marina.

Tourists have been flocking to Blanes since the early 1960s to enjoy its beaches during summer time. It has become a melting pot of varied cultures and therefore has the most diverse mix of languages on the Costa Brava. What used to be a fishing village has turned into a popular tourist destination. Not many locals work in the fishing industry anymore and most of the boats in the harbour are now for recreational purposes, primarily for tourists. With a booming tourist industry, there is an abundance of entertainment venues in Blanes such as cafés, restaurants and bars.

The city still preserves its traditions, though. In the middle of the old town lies the Town Hall. Every morning there is a fruits and vegetable market, where most of the produce is harvested from neighbouring fields. Some local fishermen still make a living out of their catch from the Mediterranean Sea. The town also has many churches and hermitages. In the old times, local sailors and seamen sought the support of the saints and virgins to face the dangers of their voyages. Some interesting hermitages are the Santa Barbara, Nostra Senyora de l'Antiga and the Verge del Vilar.

With a fusion of the old and new, Blanes is the perfect destination for people of all ages.
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